Week of  September 17, 2018

Week of  September 17, 2018

Having fun at the orchard!

What's happening at the Orchard for Fall 2018

We want to keep everyone updated as to what is happening and varieties available at Heritage Orchard. This feature on our website will be updated weekly, so be sure to check it out for your favorite variety.  We will be posting mid- August to keep everyone updated on conditions and varieties as they ripen.  Stay Tuned!

Week of September 17, 2018

Open for the 2018 Fall Season!

Orchard Time!

Varieties available as of Sept. 17, include:

Honey Crisp - McIntosh - Cortland- Spartan

Becoming limited:
Paula Red        Wealthy              Zestar
Early Gold        Molly Delicious

These varieties will be available Pick Your Own (except Zestar &
Mollies as there are not too many) or packaged in the salesroom.
 For those of you not familiar with Zestar, it tastes a lot like Honey Crisp - excellent fresh eating.   Molly Delicious is a sweet early apple similar to a Red Delicious.  Be sure to check out the Bakery Case forApple Cider Donuts; ApplePie Rollups; Apple & Cherry Turnovers, Cookies, Pies (fresh or frozen) and of course Caramel Apples with different toppings!   Don't forget the Farm Market with
 fresh squash,  syrups, jams, jellies, popcorn, mustards and much more!

Lookout Loft  is  open and ready for you to select that special treasure or collectible as of opening day.

Unfortunately, picking the crop these past few days has been a challenge due to the extreme weather conditions (hot and humid)and the multitude of mosquitoes!  We hear the same story from all of our customers - how awful the mosquitoes are!  We will continue on!

Heritage Orchard will be at the Downtown Appleton Farm Market beginning Sat., August 25 and every Sat. after that (except Appleton's Octoberfest Sat.)  Be sure to stop by and say Hi!

We are proud to be celebrating 40 Years of Growing Apples this year!

Hope to see you at the Orchard!

   Thanks for checking our website!


Pick Your Own

Pick Your Own
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